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Off-Grid solar power system

Off-Grid solar power system

Off-Grid solar power system(圖1)

Off-Grid solar power system consists of solar panels solar controller and battery (group) if the output is AC 220v or 110v, the inverter should be added to configuration with the roles of each component:
Solar panel: Solar panel is the most indispensable and valuable part of solar power system, it plays a role to convert the sun radiation to electrical energy, or sent to storage battery or to promote the workloads.
Solar controller: The role of the solar controller is to control the working state of the system and provide the battery over-charging protection and over –discharging protection for the storage battery. The controller should also have the functions of compensating temperature in areas where large temperature gap exists and having light-control switch, time–control switch for the controller.
Battery: lead–acid battery or GEL battery’s function is to store up the absorbed energy from the solar panel and to release energy in usage.
  Inverter: The inverter should provide AC 220v/AC 110V.